Honesty. Reality. Pain. Brutality.

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The problem is
that my sister should not be
afraid to walk from a restaurant
to her car without being on
the phone with somebody.

The problem is
that I should not have to run
faster when men approach me
with their windows rolled down
when I am on my morning jog.

The problem is
that there were five sexual
assaults on my college campus
in one semester committed by
people the victims knew.

The problem is
that every man I have met
has tried harder to get
into my jeans than
into my heart.

The problem is
that women are killed for
denying a man the right to
touch them.

The problem is
that no one is working
to solve the problem.


- the problem is bigger than we can imagine | S.B. (via fallinlovewithapoet)

"I remember you
telling me that
you do not forgive
people if they hurt
you and that you just
cut them out of your life
with scissors as if they are a
frayed string on your clothing
and at the time I told
you that forgiveness
is key but now that you
have painted tears on
my cheeks and hands that
shake and sleepless
nights with nightmares
and stolen screams
I suppose that I will
not forgive you either
and if you ever ask why
I will tell you that I
learned from the best."

- 12:50 a.m. (via dollpoetry)

Too angry


Im too angry
At least that’s what I’m told
Too angry and I should chill out
Too angry and I should look at the bright side for once
That’s like saying to stare at the bright side of the moon
And never wonder what’s on the other
Too angry
Too angry
Too damn angry
Too angry because in…


You know what would be awesome? A place you could go to just break shit. Like you would pay a small fee per smash and you could break plates, windows, vases, or anything. It would be the best stress reliever and you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing the stuff you smashed

Getting to the point of frustration where you can’t even form sentences anymore, it’s all just variations of the word “fuck.”

(Source: thelast-of-the-fuckity-timelords)


Quand on me demande: “Tu t’es coupé les cheveux?”
When someone ask me if I cut my hair


Partition ft. Iggy Azalea | Beyonce [Ryan Colburn Remix]

You’re gonna wanna dance.